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Marcelina with implementation team

“Our team of project management and change management experts has developed unique delivery strategies for every type of implementation. We design each project plan and assemble each project team to accomplish one, critical objective: meeting your distinctive needs and expectations. Because that’s what a partner does – and that’s what a partner deserves.”

Marcelina Nowosadzki, PMP, Program Manager, Higher Ed Implementation

Lori Prange with Implementation Team

"It's important to us that our clients have a good experience during the implementation process. We listen to their needs and provide a customized strategy for implementing payment solutions. Our philosophy is not to implement and leave but to enter long-term partnerships with institutions. Because that's what a partner does - and that's what a partner deserves."

Lori Prange, PMP, Manager - Higher Ed Implementation

A conversation with Lori Prange, Implementation Manager

Lori outlines everything you need to know about how Nelnet Campus Commerce implements smarter.

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Q & A

Our process is unique because we listen to our clients. We understand their concerns, what challenges they want to solve, and we work with them to come up with a step-by-step plan of how to implement that solution.

We adapt to our client needs by being flexible. Each phase of implementation can be very different depending on timeline, needs, and resources. We work hard to allow that flexibility for the client.

After each implementation, we do a survey with our clients to receive candid feedback on how the implementation went. The responses are always highly affirming of the implementation process. We don’t just implement our solution and then leave; we partner with our clients and continue to help them throughout the lifecycle of their payment processing needs.

We take on their payment processing and compliance needs for higher ed institutions and our partners so they can focus on what they do best: educating. We help colleges and universities with flexible payment solutions for their institution. From start to finish of the implementation process, Nelnet Campus Commerce puts your institution first.

A successful partnership with Nelnet

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“A vendor is going to say, ‘this is what we can do and this is what we can’t do.’ But a partner is going to sit there and work through it with you. Nelnet was fantastic with that — they recognized those needs.”

— Conrad Muth, Director, E-Commerce and Banner AR Administrator, Temple University

We partnered with University Business and Temple University to share our expertise in implementing new products strategically. In this on-demand seminar, you’ll learn all about:

  • Temple University’s implementation experience
  • Implementation best practices
  • Testimonials from Nelnet Campus Commerce, University Business, and Temple University leaders

"I've had to deal with different vendors in the past few months and Marci [at Nelnet] was by far the best communicator — always on task, meetings were well organized and to the point — her training was impeccable. Thank you for all that your team did to make this transition as smooth as possible!"

Virginie Crisalle , Systems Administrator, Santa Fe College

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For many bursars and university leaders, introducing a new product to campus may seem like an intimidating process. It doesn’t have to be.

Read our latest blog entry to find out how:

  • Implementation doesn’t mean headaches
  • Our team is dedicated to your school
  • We are an industry leader in payment technology implementation

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