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Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is extremely important as students begin to make money-related decisions that can shape their future. The Nelnet financial literacy library can help your students develop healthy financial habits during and after college. See below for just a few examples of the tools and resources offered.


  • Budgeting Strategies Show students how to optimize savings with smart budgeting strategies. Check out this PDF to find new approaches to saving money!
  • Budgeting Worksheet Help students get on the right track with this interactive budgeting worksheet. Organize and calculate expenses and income to create a reasonable budget.
  • Credit Card Tips Make sure credit card use helps a student’s future instead of hurting it! Check out this PDF for tips on how to properly manage a credit card.
  • Financial Goals Worksheet Teach students how to set financial goals and start healthy habits now! Use this PDF to develop a realistic path to success.
  • Financial Wellness Tips Students can follow these nine tips to achieving financial wellness. Subjects such as saving for emergencies and planning for retirement are covered in this PDF.
  • Identity Theft Tips These tips can help students protect their identity, potentially saving them years of stress and financial burden resulting from a stolen identity.
  • These are just a few of the available resources students need for success.  Visit the Nelnet financial literacy home page for additional tools and resources.

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